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ADELIH Congress 2016

ADELIH Congress 2016
Date : 13-14/10/2016
Lieu : IPGG

ADELIH (Association des Doctorants et des jEunes chercheurs de L'Institut d'Hématologie) is a French association founded in the early 2000's by three PhD students. Its aim is to federate all students and young researchers among their research institute IUH (Institut Universitaire d'Hématologie) through the organization of events.

ADELIH congress is organised since 2014 to create the opportunity for national and international interactions around the field of cell biology and translational research. Knowing the success of the 1st edition talking on the theme of Tumor Microenvironment, the ADELIH’s young researchers are going to bring you the 2nd edition in 2016. And it will focus on the theme of POST TRANSLATIONAL MODIFICATIONS: FROM BENCH TO BEDSIDE.