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Flow Synthesis of Multi-Scale Materials “FLOWMAT 2019”

Flow Synthesis of Multi-Scale Materials “FLOWMAT 2019”
Date : 26-27/06/2019
Lieu : Sorbonne Université, Paris

This workshop will address a range of broad topics highlighting the role of flow chemistry in contributing to achieving multi-scale materials synthesis (nano, meso, micro) with applications in biomedical applications, catalysis, etc. It aims at introducing the micro-millifluidics technologies to the greatest number of researchers.
This conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers and students to gain valuable advice and insight in their research, while beneficiating from educational presentations dealing with the advantages of flow to control the chemistry and physico-chemistry of reactions. Meanwhile, this will open ways to develop collaborations between the different researchers involved and to boost the flow and microfluidic activities in the field of materials in France but also at the European level, which could later lead to many collaborative projects (H2020 or FP9).