Laboratoire Emulsions Biologique et Microfluidique

EBM - UMR 8023 ENS
The Molecular Self-Assembly lab (SAM lab) has been established since 2018 thanks to a Junior Research Chair from IPGG. Our research themes are positioned at the interface between soft-matter physics and synthetic biology. In particular we focus on the study of molecular self-assembly as fundamental driver of complexity in biological systems: from the formation and evolution of biopolymers in prebiotic conditions, to the modern cellular organization and functioning. To achieve these objectives we exploit typical soft-matter concepts of self-assembly, phase transitions and phase separations in complex molecular mixtures, composed of nucleic acids, peptides and lipids, seeking for spontaneous liquid crystal ordering and coacervation. We adopt optical microscopy techniques and microfluidics to achieve high-throughput multidimensional experimental investigations on soft matter systems under different physical-chemical conditions.
Institution affiliée : ENS-PSL
Responsable : Abdou Rachid Thiam

6 rue Jean Calvin 75005 Paris

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