Laboratoire indysoft

Joshua McGraw's research interests focus on interfacial dynamics of soft condensed matter, giving his team name indySoft. Specific topics include the nano and microfluidics of polymer melt and solution flows with a particular emphasis on the hydrodynamic boundary condition and how this can be affected by details of the confining surface. Often we find that slight changes in the physico-chemical properties can have drastic impacts on the boundary condition. More recently, the team has been interested in Brownian motion near interfaces, with topics including time-dependent advection-diffusion coupling, and diffusion in sheared non-Newtonian fluids. We are also interested in fluid-structure interactions for the self-assembly of novel optical materials, and applications of metrology to nanolitre per minute flow rates.
Institution affiliée : ESPCI Paris-PSL
Responsable : Joshua MCGRAW

6 rue Jean Calvin 75005 Paris

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